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Why Everyone is Talking About the Yeedi M12 Pro+ Robovac

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This post is sponsored by Yeedi.

Yeedi has introduced some impressive new tech with the Yeedi M12 Pro+. It’s a robot vacuum and mop cleaner that has impressed to the point that MUO felt it necessary to award the company with some merited recognition. Its groundbreaking technology has lead to it earning a well deserved Spotlight Award Badge.

And here is why it was chosen.

Superior Cleaning Features

The Yeedi M12 Pro+ boasts a cleaning performance never before seen by a robovac. It boasts an abundance of functions that lifts it above the heads of its competitors and is available at a very agreeable price.

Among these functions is an industry-leading suction power of 11,000Pa. And with its powerful Carpet Boost mode, which enables the robot to deliver enhanced deep vacuuming, nothing is too much trouble for this little guy. You can also fine-tune its performance with specialized cleaning modes designed for different carpet types.

However, the M12 isn’t only about vacuuming. This busy little droid is also a highly trained mopper. It showcases an OZMO Turbo 2.0 mopping system with dual rotating scrub plates that spin at a dizzying speed of 180rpm. The microfiber chenille mop pad and plastic scraper utilizes hot water at a temperature of up to 158°F (70°C), enabling it to take care of the toughest of stains.

Complementing these two workhorse attributes, you get a 200-minute battery life. This offers enough power to tackle large rooms in large houses, even though Yeedi has made this robovac its most compact yet.

TruEdge and ZeroTangle Technologies

But the fun innovations don’t end there. This little helper boasts innovative tech that sets it apart from regular robovacs.

The first of which is its TruEdge technology. The M12 Pro+ can extend and retract the mop as if it had its own little arms. This pushes the mop flush against all edges it encounters and ensures a thorough clean to within one mm.

The form of the edge doesn’t matter, either. If it’s curved, straight, or irregular, the Yeedi M12 Pro+ doesn’t discriminate. Consider your floor surface polished and clean right to the edge.

However, we’re not done yet! ZeroTangle Anti-Tangle tech does exactly what you imagine. It’s a godsend for anyone with pets, especially those who have been left untangling pooch hair from a roller brush in the past.

Well, Yeedi says no more! With a V-shaped design and anti-static bristles, the hair is easily taken care of before it becomes entangled. Then, dual-comb teeth funnel the hair into the suction path where the dust compartment hungrily awaits.

Compact Size Yet Powerful Performance

Don’t judge a book by its cover; this is one powerful little bot. Despite the M12’s OMNI station featuring a tank 17% shorter in size and an auto-refill module at an impressive 30% more compact, all the Yeedi advanced features remain.

Among these capabilities are auto-emptying and refilling, one-tap self-cleaning, and hot-air drying. For a robovac that is housed in the smallest all-in-one station on the market today, that is very impressive. It means you not only get all the power of a large robovac, but it can discreetly reside in a small area of any room, too.

Yet despite its compact build, it still manages to hold a 3.4L dust bag. This means you don’t need to empty it for around 90 days.

The compact but mighty nature of this robot vacuum cleaner makes it unique in the industry and, for sure, one that won’t let you down.

Superior Mapping and Obstacle Avoidance

The Yeedi M12 Pro+ utilizes intersecting lasers to sense objects in its path and plots out 3D maps to ensure it can avoid them. No navigation is too complex, and when you add new furniture to the room, you can easily input it into the vacuum’s pre-plotted maps.

You can also update floor and carpet types to ensure the M12 performs to the best of its capabilities every time.

The M12 maps out areas very quickly, too. It plots a 1,075 sq ft room in just six minutes, and it has a memory capacity for up to four 3D maps. From there, it can quietly go about its business without bothering anyone. It even has a sensor on the bottom that warns it of stairs, so cleaning is never interrupted by accidental falls.

The Award-Winning Yeedi M12 Pro+: Revolutionary Robovac Engineering
If you’re looking to purchase your first robot vacuum cleaner or upgrade your existing machine, the Yeedi M12 Pro+ is, quite simply, an easy decision. With its superior technology and features, it’s one of the most reliable and advanced robovacs you can find. And the Spotlight Award from MUO is a testament to that.

It’s the ideal robovac for families with children, pets, or busy schedules and a blessing for the elderly and anyone with limited mobility.

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