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Five Strange Holidays you probably never knew about existed

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All over the world, there are days dedicated to honoring a person, an event, or even an item.
The most popular are Christmas, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day and a whole lot more. However, there are some holidays that are not so popular but are definitely strange. Here are five strange holidays you probably never knew about;

1) National ugly sweater day
Every year, the third Friday of December is dedicated to ugly sweaters. It all started after two guys threw an ugly sweater party to raise money for their sick friend.Party became a big hit and soon lots of people started throwing similar parties it didn’t take long before there was a day dedicated to ugly sweaters.

2) National zipper day
Almost everyone uses zippers and it seemed right to dedicate a day to them. April 29 is officially national zipper day and it is the day when Swedish-American engineer Gideon Sundback received a patent for today’s zipper, way back in 1913.

3) No dirty dishes holiday
Another quite strange holiday is no dirty dishes day celebrated on May 18. On this day, people either wash all their dishes or use no dishes at all in their houses. Basically, on May 18, dirty dishes should not be in your house.

4) World mosquito day
20th August is officially world mosquito day. It is a holiday traced back to the same day in 1897 when Sir Ronald Ross showed that mosquitoes transmitted malaria from person to person. This day is now dedicated to creating awareness about mosquitoes and ensuring everyone lives in a healthy and mosquito-free world.

5) Count your button day
National Button counting day seems like the strangest holiday ever even though it seems like fun.

Count your button day is marked on October 21 each year and in some places, there are even festivals held on that day. I guess it’s only right that if zippers have there day, buttons should also have theirs.

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