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Brave Unveiled its latest Announces AI Search Engine

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Answer with AI, a privacy-focused AI search engine leveraging its own extensive search index encompassing billions of websites. With Brave’s current search engine already handling an impressive 10 billion search queries annually, the introduction of its AI-powered counterpart positions it as one of the largest AI-driven search engines available today.

Amid concerns within the search marketing and ecommerce communities regarding the impact of AI-driven search engines on the web’s future, Brave’s approach offers reassurance. Notably, Brave’s AI search engine continues to present links and, crucially, refrains from defaulting to AI-generated responses for commercial or transactional queries. This development is likely to be welcomed by SEO professionals and online businesses alike, underscoring Brave’s commitment to preserving the integrity of the web ecosystem while closely monitoring website visitation patterns.

In an exclusive interview with Search Engine Journal, Josep M. Pujol, Chief of Search at Brave, provided insights into the workings of the search index, its integration with AI technology, and most importantly, offered valuable advice for SEO practitioners and business owners seeking to enhance their online visibility.

Brave’s Answer with AI stands out from other AI-driven search solutions in that it relies entirely on its proprietary search index, meticulously curated through the crawling and ranking of websites. From the search index to the utilization of Large Language Models (LLMs) and the innovative Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology, every aspect of Brave’s AI search engine is developed in-house. This approach not only prioritizes user privacy but also ensures that Brave’s search results are distinct and unparalleled, setting it apart from other search engine alternatives

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